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A total hit
Review by Ashley

I found out about cigana from some friends and I happily made the switch immediately. Everyone I showed it to is also making the switch. Even my non-smoking friends love it because I don't smell like smoke anymore.

The weight of the cigana is significantly more, but it didn't take me long to get used to it. Now a regular cigarette just seems insignificant and flimsy compared to the cigana. It seems very well made. Some of my friends have used it for over 6 months so far and it still works great. I've had mine for about a month without any problems either. I smoke about 10 times a day and my battery is always good. Thanks! (Posted on 7/8/09)

Where have you been all my life? Review by vicky

I must have been hiding under a rock because I never found out about e-cigs until recently. Ciganas are sooo awesome. They feel heavier than regular cigarettes but you get used to the weight. I smoke inside my house now and my boyfriend doesn't complain anymore or feel like he is kissing an ashtray. I was at my neice's birthday party last weekend and I was able to light up a cigana without worrying about getting smoke around the kids. Love it! (Posted on 6/25/09)

Best find ever Review by Debi

i'm so glad i found out about cigana. i'm a bartender and one of my customers came in with one and i think its the coolest thing ever. it keeps my customers at the bar and the smoke out of my face. (Posted on 6/22/09)

Can't quit Review by Marty

I tried quitting tobacco cigarettes a few times, but I couldn't hack it. I also tried the patches but I always went back to my Malboros. I started Cigana over a month ago and I have been tobacco-free since I started. What is great about Cigana is that it feels like a cigarette in your hands, you actually inhale it and you blow out vapors (no odors). Aside from the physical aspect of smoking, it also takes the edge off of my cravings. Will I ever go back to tobacco cigarettes? Maybe once in a while, but Cigana is something I think I'll be using in the long haul. (Posted on 6/19/09)

No smells! Review by BMX Doug

My co-worker recommended cigana and we even smoke these in the office without any problems. I'm looking forward to not having to go out in the sweltering heat in the summer to enjoy my cig break. Regular tobacco flavor is my choice. (Posted on 6/16/09)

Make the switch! Review by Lex

They really mean it when they say no carcinogens. I can actually climb two flights of stairs without being winded. I wasn't able to do this when I was smoking regular cigarettes. And the cigana device looks so much like a real cigarette, but not flimsy. Great stuff. (Posted on 5/28/09)

Conversation starter Review by joel

this is a good way to get attention at places where smoking isn't allowed. at a bar last weekend, i had several people giving me looks after lighting up a cigana. even the cute bartender wanted to know what it was. funny, but it is a great way to meet people and start conversations. (Posted on 5/26/09)

I'm impressed! Review by Summer

I ordered the starter kit and received it within 3 days. I didn't want to have high expectations, so I was very pleasantly surprised that the device was very well made. It feels substantial in my hands and smokes like a regular cigarette. Since I just received it, I can't account for how long this will hold up, but I'm liking it a lot so far. The cherry flavor is nice, although I think I will try all the other flavors to switch it up for variety. I would definitely recommend this to friends. (Posted on 5/23/09)

Good for the non-smokers in the house! Review by C.C.

I don't smoke, but my boyfriend does. After he switched to Cigana, the house, my clothes and the car doesn't reek like smoke anymore. Thank you!! This has been a lifesaver for me! (Posted on 5/20/09)

Great Service Review by Stephanie

Thanks to Cigana 32 days tobacco free! I just received my 2nd months worth of cartridges. It came right as I was finishing up my 1st shipment. I didn’t miss a beat. Now thats service! (Posted on 3/23/09)

Waste of Time! Review by Chad S

Ive tried other electronic cigarettes. Ive wasted my money on inferior products and finally I found Cigana. You are by far the best product on the market. Your battery lasts longer, your selection is better, and the taste and pull are unbelievable (Posted on 3/23/09)

Friends Review by Rebecca

When my friends saw me smoking Cigana they laughed. They thought the electronic cigarette it was fake. I made them try it and they wouldn’t give it back. I had to tell them to get their own. Now when we go out, all three of us make sure to bring our Cigana. We are huge supporters of all products. (Posted on 3/23/09)

Thanks Cigana Review by Tonia D

Thanks to Cigana, I got my health back. I used to be a runner back in a high school but since I became a pack per day smoker I haven’t ran in years. Then I made the switch to Cigana and literally after a week I felt better. I felt more energy and the will to run again. I just got pack from a 2 mile run and feel great! (Posted on 3/23/09)

Smoke Free! Review by John M

I am 2 weeks smoke free thanks to Cigana product changed my life (Posted on 3/23/09)